Staying Young

One of my former colleagues Dr. Henry Foster had made a great impression on my view of a healthy life. He is in the 70s yet he regularly does challenging physical exercises. What he does is demanding even for a young college student. He is a living proof that losing vitality can be delayed. Intellectually, he is sharp and focused. He is well-respected by both his undergrad and graduate students.

Unless some bitter experience had made you think otherwise, most likely you want to live longer. Our era is full of exciting things. We don’t have enough time to enjoy them all. WE WANT TO LIVE LONG AND SEE EVEN MORE. Before we get enough of a breakthrough in technology, we get lured by another one. Traveling and visiting beautiful places has become very convenient. Low-cost airlines have made exotic places accessible and affordable. What the previous generation could only experience in documentary movies is now accessible even to the average person.

Although we work hard to earn enough to enjoy life’s offer, our physical health sets the limit. Wealth without health is a privilege in absentia. In the end, it is not how long we have lived but how we lived that counts the most. Physical death is unavoidable. As we celebrate more and more birthdays, most of us lose the effort to delay aging and we succumb to frustration, ‘COME WHAT MAY.’ Grey hairs, boldness and wrinkles start suggesting that whatever we do will not make a difference. Do not give in to such a thought!

It was in God's original plan that we may stay fit and healthy. Even though worshipping God is not limited by the weakness we may have in flesh, a healthy mind and body makes our prayers full of gratitude. John's greatest wish to Gaius in his third epistle in the Bible emphasizes on health. "Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospers" (3 John 1:2). John was an older person when he wrote the epistle. He must have felt the importance of physical health in his ministry. Gaius, the recipient of the letter, was having a difficult time as a church leader because of problems within the church. John understands how stress can take its toll on a leader's health.

It is never too late to restart exercising. It requires persistence and determination, but it is not beyond your potential. Set your goals and start a new journey today!


What lifestyle changes do you think you need to make to be strong and healthy? If you have been doing well, what experience would you like to share with others?

Prayer Journal

Do you have any request to God regarding your health? Is there anyone in your circle who are in need of prayer for good health?