As a country known for tourism, Thailand is a land where you see art embedded in simple daily activities. The culinary art you see in the restaurants is part of the tourist attraction. Their goal is to present the meal beautiful, not only delicious. The presentation may tempt even a person who has a low threshold for spicy food.

I enjoy taking pictures of their culinary art. I sometimes think of the cooks in the kitchen who may not have the chance to see how their artistry is appreciated by the dining guests. When dinners are done and plates are sent back to the kitchen, they receive back the leftover of their artwork wounded and disfigured.

Individuals behind the real work of a masterpiece may remain unnoticed. In worse cases, the credit may go to those who are at the front desk. When this happens, it creates discouragement. It makes you wonder, “What is the use?” You may then settle for an ordinary performance.

The same experience may take place in the service of God. You may be the main reason why members in the church have a blessed and pleasant worship experience yet unknown and under-appreciated. Worshipers come and see who is upfront performing or speaking on the stage. When worshipers are blessed by the program, they don't go and thank those who work hard controlling the sound system. Appreciation goes to the signers and the speakers. There are members who spend several hours planning on the potluck and organizing the event but they may not be the ones to announce the start of the feast. Your contribution may not be noticeable to the naked eye but nothing is invisible to the heavenly record-keeper. Don't be discouraged "for God is not unjust so as to forget your work and the love which you have shown toward His name, by having served and by still serving the saints (Heb 6:10).

Think about it. Who is the first beneficiary of excellence? It is the doer. IT IS YOU. The feedbacks and the rewards are important but secondary. Why would you deny yourself the contentment excellence grants you? Your effort will never be out of the heavenly radar. It may be a matter of time before you see the fruit of your labor. Never give up on EXCELLENCE, even when it remains unnoticed!


Was there a time you felt underappreciated and tempted to give up? How did it feel? How did it affect your next move?

Prayer Journal

Is there anyone whom you would like to pray for so that they will continue to serve regardless of the challenges they are facing? How would you like God to use you in making a difference in your church?