A Father's Day Note

A Father's Day Note

We cannot exaggerate the importance of motherhood. It is crucial for every baby and society in general. Most cultures clearly define the role of a mother. However, fathers' responsibilities depends on the cultural mindset of masculinity. In some cultures, fathers do almost what mothers do except giving birth. In other cultures, men don't do household tasks because they are breadwinners. But a home where mom and dad share interchangeable household roles can easily adopt to changing circumstances. Children can still have a good meal even though mom is not around. We can empower families if we raise the standard of fatherhood higher than breadwinning. Here are some tips for fathers and fathers-to-be.

  • If you are planning to become a father, please don’t rush. There is more responsibility than it appears even though it does not include pregnancy.

  • If you are in the process of becoming a father, be ready to give up the things you thought you could not. Fatherhood is more than a hobby, hanging out with friends, gaming or playing basketball. You will only have nine months of observational learning. Prepare for the real duty that starts when your internship is over.

  • If you think you became a father because of your mistake, SORRY! It is irreversible. Accept the challenge!

  • If you think you became a father because of her mistake that she should have used contraceptives, your true potential is to become a corrupt politician, not a loving father.

  • If you are a single dad, it is tough; so is the loneliness without your child. KEEP MOVING! Not every dad gets it right. Your memory of a father may not be pleasant. Forgive if possible! Make the first move to reconcile if need be. Who knows? He was not a good father, but he may be a good grandfather to your children. If it depends on you, give him a chance!

  • If you have never known your father, you may find comfort by becoming one; a known father to your children! If you lost your dad too early, keep the good memories alive. Reproduce his love and character in your life and pass it on to your offspring.

  • Never think your role as a father is more important than a mother's role because you bring food to the table but she “only” takes care of the kids. No amount of money will give you the ability to conceive and give birth.

  • Fatherhood is not about being a breadwinner. Don’t miss the fun that comes with the package. Play with your child as much as possible because the privilege to play has a time limit. Your son may call you, “Dad” for the rest of his life, but at some point, he will stop saying, “Dad, let us play!” If you were too busy to play, don’t feel bad. Just hope for “Grandpa, let us play!”

  • You may never be that ideal perfect father, but you can be a loving father. Never judge your fatherhood by what you could not provide. A child who gets only a piece of bread wrapped with love is happier than a child who has a distant father who sends him to school on a Ferrari. Some fathers define their success by the material wealth they provide but the best gift you can give as a father is your presence around when you are needed.

  • There are some who are blessed to provide both love and material wealth. Being wealthy is a blessing if it is gained and used right. However, wealth alone does not guarantee successful parenting.

  • The greatest role of a father in the family is to represent Christ. However, it is a role that can never be fulfilled without God's help. To represent God's mercy, forbearance and forgiveness, it requires a daily connection with the heavenly Father. It is not about being equipped with God's qualities, it is rather about being an instrument through whom God's goodness is felt.


Do you see God as a father? Why/Why not?

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