Move On

Move On

I took this picture at Mt. Charleston while my daughter and her friends were playing with the snow on the right. It is a beautiful place located in Nevada. It takes a 40-minute drive from Vegas to get there. What you see in the picture is the Moon, not the Sun. I learned some lessons while processing the picture on my computer.

The beauty here is a reminder that to be at the right time and place is a key to get your chance to shine. The moon is at the right spot at the right time. Sometimes, shining requires moving. It is the movement of both the Earth and the Moon that creates this splendor. Time is moving; so should you. How is your life different from yesterday? What have you accomplished recently? Are you working toward a goal?

In some cases, once you get accustomed to the environment, moving or starting a new project starts to feel risky. Even though you know that you are stuck and you need to do something about it, the decision to move becomes a big challenge. Changing your place of living, profession or school may feel like a start over and you may settle for what you already have. If you have to move to fulfill your potential and shine like the moon, don’t hesitate to move. Don’t get stuck where you aren’t making any difference or progress. In the Bible, moving was important for many saints. Abraham had to move to inherit the land of promise. Paul moved to several places to fulfill his mission. Jesus sent out his disciples and a glorious work was accomplished. Some like Joseph, Moses and Daniel were forced to move but they ended up shining. The only thing you need to be sure is that the Omnipresent God is guiding your steps.

"The Lord directs the steps of the godly.

He delights in every detail of their lives.

Though they stumble, they will never fall,

for the Lord holds them by the hand."

Psalms 37:23 & 24, NLT

The Moon needs wait for the Sun to set in order to shine. The reason why you aren't shining today may be because it is time for others. The Sun is still around. Do you sometimes feel like your efforts and accomplishments are underappreciated? Do you think the focus and attention is on others but you are forgotten? Keep doing the good work and wait for your time. The Sun will set and you will have your turn. "God is always fair. He will remember how you helped His people in the past and how you are still helping them. You belong to God, and He won't forget the love you have shown His people" (Heb 6:10, CEV). But remember, you need to be quick to use your chance to shine effectively when you get the chance; the sun is coming back, sunrise.

However, don't try to use a shortcut to hasten the sunset or delay the sunrise. Be content with your opportunities. Jacob's mother Rebekah was told by God that the younger of the twins in her womb, Jacob, would rule his older brother, Esau. She waited for it to be fulfilled but in the end she took matters into her own hands and advised Jacob to deceive his father and receive the blessing for birthright. Receiving the the birthright, aside from getting two third of the inheritance, meant to be the chosen carrier of Abraham's seed. He would be the father of a nation, the Israelites. Jacob used a shortcut to shine but it came at a price. He had to run away from home fearing Esau would take revenge and live with is uncle who later cheated him. It took a while before Jacob made it right with God and have a new start. Using a wrong shortcut to achieve what you want comes at a price.


Was there a time in your life you felt your work wasn't appreciated but later you realized that God had his own timing?

Prayer Jurnal

One of the difficult decisions in life is the decision to move and start something new? Would you like to pray for wisdom to know when to stay and when to move? Are there people in your life you would like to pray for so that they will make the right decision?